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你有问题吗. 我们有答案.

We know the financial aid process can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. If you can’t find the information you need in the questions below, don’t hesitate to 十大网堵平台.

  • 保利预科的学费包括什么?

    保利预科学校的学费包括:午餐, 初中和初中的所有科技设备, 在戴克高地校园的活动和可靠的网堵平台, 往返两个校区的巴士服务, 幼儿日点心, PreK和K, 所有运动服, 以及所有年级范围的实地考察.

  • 经济援助奖包括哪些内容?

    除了学费支持, we help with: after-school programs in the Lower and 中学, 国际国内旅游, 运动之旅, 音乐课程, 一对一的SAT准备和辅导, 大学访问, 暑期学术课程, 图形计算器, 以及所有的科技设备.

  • 我应该申请经济资助吗?

    If you would not be able to enroll at 保利预科 without financial assistance, 我们鼓励你完成经济援助申请. 从幼儿园到12年级提供经济援助.

  • 我什么时候会收到十大网堵平台助学金的通知?

    Families who have applied for financial aid will be notified in February along with their admissions notification.

  • 我的家庭有资格获得经济援助吗?

    Until the application for financial aid is submitted we are not able to take a guess at the level of financial aid that a family will qualify to receive. Currently, 75% of families who receive FA have a combined household income between $0 and $250,000. 收入只是众多考虑因素之一. 清晰 will gather income, assets, and liability data to determine your family’s need.

  • 保利预科如何做出财政援助决定?

    Poly’s 金融援助 Committee reviews all financial aid applications in January and makes financial award decisions annually. 的 清晰 应用程序生成所需的推荐量, and 保利预科 is dedicated to meeting 100% of 清晰 calculated need. 的 金融援助 Committee reviews the files of those students who have been deemed admissible, 他们的家庭需要帮助, and selects the most qualified students to receive financial aid packages. Parents should not be discouraged from applying to Poly for their children because of cost, but the school strongly recommends parents consider a range of educational opportunities to avoid possible disappointment due to limited resources.

  • 如何申请保利预科学校的助学金?

    保利预科要求 清晰 application for financial aid for all families requesting consideration for need-based financial assistance. 的 deadline for submission of the financial aid application, including all supporting documents, is 2024年12月15日. 保利预科只接受在线经济援助申请, 申请人必须将所有证明文件直接上传至 清晰. 有关清晰的更多信息,请访问 http://Claritytuition.com.

  • 使用清晰需要付费吗?

    清晰 申请费为60美元,直接支付给清晰. 保利预科不提供清晰申请的费用减免, however the 清晰 application will be waived for families that meet certain income requirements. 获取有关这些要求的信息, please contact 清晰 via the online Chat feature available when applying.

  • 离婚或分居如何影响经济援助程序?

    当一个孩子被保利预科学校录取, it is expected that both parents will contribute to their education. 被考虑申请经济援助, both custodial and non-custodial parents must complete the Clarity forms and submit tax information. If only one parent is legally financially responsible for the applicant, supporting documentation of that sole responsibility must be provided via the Parent B waiver form.

  • If I receive an award for my child for the coming year, can I expect to receive it every year?

    接受援助的家庭必须每年重新申请. 一旦获得援助, 家庭可以期待它将被续订, provided the family’s financial situation has not changed substantially, and the student has remained in good academic and behavioral standing.

  • What are 保利预科’s financial aid application deadlines and award notification dates?

    Meeting our December 15 deadline is crucial in the financial aid process. 不完整的申请不能被考虑资助. 用于援助的预算有限, 在资金分配之后, 保利在授予额外补助金方面没有灵活性. New students receive financial aid awards along with their acceptance letters. We ask that parents explain to their children that a lack of financial assistance may impact the admissions process.

  • 家长还能怎样资助保利的教育?

    We believe that the benefits of a Poly education—including an outstanding faculty; a diverse learning community; a beautiful, landmarked and LEED-certified 较低的学校 and a 25-acre college-like campus for our 中学 & 上学校; a global curriculum; myriad opportunities for individual enrichment and advanced study; and an emphasis on character education and leadership—offer students a unique, 独一无二的价值, 经验. 然而, financing the cost of a Poly education does require substantial family commitment, and many parents are understandably concerned about their ability to afford an independent school. Poly realizes this and thus provides various options to finance the cost of a 保利预科 education beyond our financial aid program:

    半年学费: Some families find it convenient to be billed for tuition in two separate installments. 在春天收取订金之后, 剩余学费的50%将在6月份支付, 12月则是50%.

    每月付款计划: VC Pay works together with 保利预科 to offer a no-interest, no-borrowing monthly installment plan. Parents use the plan to pay all or part of their educational expenses at the school.

  • If we enter the school without 金融援助, can we apply for (and receive) aid later?

    当学生在没有经济资助的情况下进入保利预科时, the school’s expectation is that the family will not apply for financial aid within their first three years of enrollment, 除了罕见的紧急援助情况. Our financial aid budget is limited and a small amount is available for emergency aid.

    Families who are already in the school and would like to apply for financial aid must contact the 金融援助 office before completing the financial aid application in 清晰. Families will be asked to demonstrate a change in financial circumstances. Additional information can be found under the 金融援助 section of the 家长门户.

  • 除了学费,助学金还包括什么?

    We strive to provide students who receive financial aid with a full 保利预科 经验. We want to encourage students to delve into their passions and try new ones. Below are the many ways we provide students with financial support, 除了学费, 以及我们提供支持的政策和程序.


    • 保利PM(课后补习班)
    • 保利课后看护
    • 保利音乐学院课程(器乐课)


    • 保利PM(课后补习班)
    • 保利音乐学院器乐课程
    • 保利预科暑期学术课程


    • 保利音乐学院器乐课程
    • 保利预科暑期学术课程
    • 舞会的门票


    • 学术和SAT辅导
    • 课程的旅行
    • 学生心理健康支持服务
    • 所需运动器材